Going Green in New Hampshire

The Red Blazer Restaurant & Pub: A NH Sustainable Restaurant

At The Red Blazer Restaurant & Pub, we are proud of our eco-friendly efforts and continue to make great strides in reducing our restaurant's waste and its impact on the environment.

The Red Blazer is also one of Concord, New Hampshire's busiest hospitality properties. As a result, we generate a tremendous amount of waste. To combat this, we've gathered a great number of resources and put in place the best technologies available. We also continue to purchase the most environmentally friendly products possible, eliminate the use of chemicals when feasible, recycle and reuse everything we can, and look for newer and better ways to save energy.

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How We Meet our Restaurant Sustainability Goals

The responsibility of achieving our sustainability goals goes well beyond the ownership and management of our restaurant. Our staff members also play a vital role. As part of our hiring procedure, staff participate in an in-house training shift that includes a complete hands-on sustainability tour of our property. The objective is to educate everyone on how we do things and why. By being well informed, each staff member helps keep our restaurant on the forefront of environmental leadership. We have taken on the responsibility as a group to ensure that The Red Blazer Restaurant not only does the right thing to help protect the environment, but also raises the bar for other businesses. It is our belief that just one person or one business can make change happen.

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