What's New in 2015


The Red Blazer Restaurant has been hard at work recently completing some exciting renovations. As you can see in the sneak preview below, we have given the Highlands Room a makeover. We are still working to get smart TVs in for presentations and paintings on the walls. An update will follow. Our Blazer Room is now under major construction. It is presently unavailable as a Function Room.

Highlands Room "Sneak Preview"

Highlands Room -function room

Red Blazer Customer Testimonials

Hi Tamra, I just wanted to drop you a quick note, to let you know how pleased I was with the event this past Saturday. Megan and Jimmy were great. The food was wonderful. The Red Blazer will certainly have my
recommendation! Thanks again for all your help, Kathy

Thanks Tamra! The breakfast was delicious…everyone was thrilled…thank you for your speedy turnaround time. Deb

Thank you so much for a wonderful time celebrating with our family. Your staff was absolutely wonderful and the food was delicious. We all thank you for a splendid event. Judy

Bryan, our waiter was excellent, very conscientious and polite and efficient. Did a great job of keeping my water glass filled – I really appreciate that! Pete

As usual, great job! I always like trying new things here! Have a great Valentines Day! James

Great service! Great Food! Thank you! Brad & Sue

Always a pleasant experience. Linda

Our Efforts to Go Green


The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association's Sustainability Program (NHSLRP) announce the Red Blazer Restaurant in Concord, NH is the first to be certified as an "Environmental Champion" under their new restaurant certification program.

The Environmental Champion certification process involves filling out a points-based application that awards points for various environmental initiatives and participation in a site visit to verify those initiatives.

We have made major strides at our restaurant to go green.

  1. We have converted all 275 recessed lights here at the Red Blazer to new and improved dimmable fluorescent lights by LiteTronics.
    • These new bulbs use 8 watts of energy.
    • They have a 2-year warranty (which far exceeds the life of the standard bulbs we used to use).
  2. For the past year, we have been successfully operating our new Kings Built Multi Fuel Oil Burner.
    • We have been producing all of the restaurants hot water by burning out our own Used Vegetable Oil.
    • We filter our own oil on site and use the waste water from the dish washer to transfer heat to the Vegetable oil.
  3. We installed a new high efficiency ADC-44 dishwasher.
    • This dishwasher consumes half of the water our previous machine did.
    • This machine also has the ability to wash 244 racks per hour (up from 175).
    • The machine can handle 6 sheet pans at a time as opposed to one sheet pan previously. We have realized an impressive savings in energy costs and water reduction.
  4. One of the more interesting "Green" technologies that we have implemented here would be the Dyson Air Blade. This technology is the first of its kind. This hand dryer is the first hand dryer that you will use that actually works.
    • The Air Blade is 99.9% hygienic, which means this is actually a cleaner way to dry your hands than paper towels.
    • With conservative estimates we will eliminate close to 100 rolls of paper towels per year. At this time we are the only NH location to feature the Dyson Air Blade and are a registered demo site for the company. Don’t be afraid to check this out when you stop in. You will be amazed.
  5. We have also now implemented Green Wave containers for customers to take home their leftovers.
  6. With the help of Bottle Disintegration Systems, we have continued to crush and recycle close to 700 lbs per week of beer, wine, liquor bottles, and broken glassware.
    • We have managed to reduce trash removal costs by close to half and realize our return on investment within the first 4 to 5 months.

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