I have a gluten allergy. Are there options for me?

Yes! We have options such as our new gluten-free pizza crust and pasta. Most of our menu can be adjusted to accommodate your special needs, and we will happily prepare your meal with the same care we do all of our menu items. We take pride in the fact that the food we serve is not pre-assembled allowing us to control the end product.

Do you fry your foods with lard?

The short answer is No! This question is asked a lot because our fried food is so good. Lard makes fried food taste good. It also plugs up your arteries much faster and just not a great idea; many states no longer allow it's use. We use only quality non-trans fat frying oils. We employ a rigid quality standard using the oil only during it's peek performance. Our spent oil use to help suplement the energy required to heat the water the restaurant consumes. Today the spent oil is collected by American Energy Independence Company a Company co-founded by an owner of the The Red Blazer.

Can we bring our own birthday cake?

This is one of our "Most Asked Questions." The answer is "No," which makes some people angry, but there are serious concerns about this issue. Topping the list: Who made it and cared for it? What if it makes our guest sick? Also, we are a bakery it would be no different if we allowed patrons to bring in their own food and beverage. Why would cake be different than bringing your own steak or beer? Finally, what if the cake you brought was terrible and your guests think we made it – OUCH! We promise you'll love our dessert!

Do you cater?

Yes! We have been catering since we opened our restaurant, and it remains a big part of our business. Our largest event was a BBQ for 1800 people. Our largest Lobster and Clam Bake served 800 and our largest formal wedding reception was for almost 400 people. Our smallest event was for a party of two!

Why did you stop entertainment on the weekends?

We still do entertainment occasionally, but we have discontinued the "every weekend routine" several years ago. Entertainment is expensive when done correctly and the economics did not work for us. More importantly, it's not a proper fit for our facility on a regular basis. Our main focus is the customer coming here for great food and beverage the transition of the venue created some problems with those not interested in the entertainment venue.

Do you serve Brunch on the weekends?

 We have been serving a Sunday Breakfast Buffet. Over the last 15 plus years we have expanded it and perfected many of its offerings. You would be hard pressed to find a spread like ours anywhere nearby. Over the years we have routinely won top rank for Best Brunch in various publication so that alone tells you how Good our Sunday Breakfast Buffet really is.